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Artist > Schmith, Jochen

Jochen Schmith - Copyright by © Jochen Schmith
  • Style: Visual Arts
  • Year: 2015/16
  • Origin: Germany

The Artists’ Collective Jochen Schmith has worked together since 2000. Its members

Carola Wagenplast (born in 1975 in Stuttgart),

Peter Hoppe (born in 1971 in Capetown) and

Peter Steckroth (born in 1973 in Stuttgart)

graduated from the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg with honors. The representation of a product cycle, in which economic and artistic questions are linked, is a typical example of the way the Collective works. This work presents the elemental process of the “creation of value” in great detail without invoking morality and invites a critical and unvarnished discussion of the marketplace. The collective has presented its work in shows in Berlin, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Vienna, Oslo and Peking. In 2011-2012 the Collective held a visiting professorship at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg for the academic year.


Jochen Schmith presents the exhibition MÜTOS from october, 20th to november, 29th 2015: Welcome to Villa Concordia!