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On Wed, 17.02.2016
at 19:00
Villa Concordia
Adjø! Farewell!

Adjø! Farewell!

The fellows of 2015/16 from Norway and Germany say goodbye introducing the latest edition of the Concord.i.A. Magazine with its designers: 2xGoldstein from Karlsruhe

Concordi.A. magazine proudly accepted a prize for innovative design: the Certificate of Typographic Excellence (TDC16) in New York in 2015. On Wednesday, February 17th 2016, we are welcoming the brand new edition and its makers. At the occasion of the farewell event dedicated to our fellows of 2015/16 from Norway and Germany it will be presented in detail at Villa Concordia 7pm.

Not only the artists which are concluding the 11 months stay at Bamberg by the middle of March, creating new space for the next group of fellows coming from Italy and Germany, but also Jeff and Andrew Goldstein together with their assistant Sascha Fronzcek from Karlsruhe will be present.

Director and magazine initiator Nora-Eugenie Gomringer will give some insight into a year full with marvellous events, exhibits, concerts and readings at and around Villa Concordia. There will be time to say ones personal farewells  at the reception after the official part  of the evening, featuring our good old „Käsestangen“ (Cheese sticks), whine and water. There is no admission fee!