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On Wed, 25.07.2018
at 08:00
Villa Concordia
MAGICAL CAMP (26.7.-15.8.2018)

MAGICAL CAMP (26.7.-15.8.2018)

Exhibition by Adomas Danusevičius (2018, 26th July - 15th August) - Vernissage: Wed, 25th July at 7 p.m. - admission free

Public visiting hours: Sat & Sun 11- 4 p.m. & open on legal holiday / Mo-Thurs 8 -12 & 1 - 3 / Fri 8 - 1 p.m.

The painter Adomas Danusevičius has been exploring Bamberg with the intensive diligence and perception of a researcher trying to combine past and present. Bridging immense time gaps he utilizes concepts of magic, magical realism, art, pseudoscience, gay and mainstream culture, kitsch etc. Many of these concepts are connected to the conceptual frame of "camp", a term used for all things super-hyped and exaggerated even though derived from mostly simple materials. His explorations in charcoal drawings, paintings and sculptures will be informed by the impressions he takes from Bamberg's display of baroque artistry and architecture and fairy tales connected to the rivers and rivulets around the core of the city. The materiality of canvas and paint as a means to manifest ideas in paintings intrigues the artist. His work will show these fascinations with the most banal lifted to the level of mock-sanctity.