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Fellowship Works

Bild von Stefan Eberstadts "Bamberger Hocker"
Stefan Eberstadt: Bamberger Hocker, 2011

We are often asked whether Fellows are expected to complete projects during their year at the Villa Concordia. The answer is no. Nevertheless, our fellows are keen to share their works-in-progress with the audiences who attend their events.  And former fellows often create or finish works later that were begun in Bamberg.  We hope the list below will inspire you to search for links yourself. Please contact us via email with any additional works you discover!


Lewitscharoff, Sybille: Killmousky. Suhrkamp, 2014, ISBN 978-3-518-42390-5.  Sybille Lewitscharoff worked on this novel during her Bamberg fellowship. A pre-publication excerpt appeared in our annual magazine Concordi.A. 

Melissen, Sipko: Das arme Ding. Edition Villa Concordia, Bamberger Punkte, Volume 5, 2001, ISSN 1618-4939.  The story begins in Bamberg’s Café Luitpold and winds its way past other Bamberg locations…

Merkel, Rainer: Die Straße, von der man träumt. Rezensöhnchen, Volume 30, 2002, ISSN 0942-5292, p.39 ff.  Merkel refers both to his fellow Canadian fellows as well as to Café Müller…

Missfeld, Jochen: Seid gut zum Unkrauft. Landschaften, Orte, Jahrezeiten. Edition Villa Concordia, Bamberger Volumes 1, 2002, ISBN 3-928648-76-4, pages 130-137: Bamberg: Seid gut zum Unkraut

Scheuermann, Silke: Lyrische Momente. Volltext, 1/2014, p. 39. This essay was published in the Austrian literary magazine Volltext and describes a visit to the E.T.A. Hoffmann House in Bamberg.

Visual Arts

Eberstadt, Stefan: Bamberger Hocker, 2011. Conceived as a sculpture and piece of furniture wrapped into one, Eberstadt’s Bamberg stool refers to his Villa Concordia fellowship and is in much demand at the Bamberg Art and Antiques Fair.

Schmückle, Miron: De tinctio petalorum 1-4, 2005.  On permanent display in the Villa Concordia’s Sala Terrena.

Wöhrl, Martin: Exhibition with barrels, 2014. The installation references Bamberg beer barrels and was displayed in Munich in 2014 (see the blog-article from “Die Zeit”).


Beimel, Thomas:  Well-known Bamberg musicians, including Franz Tröger, the Musica Viva Choir directed by Ingrid Kasper and the Schola Bamberg directed by Werner Pees, feature on his 2014 CD “Canti Minori”, released by Valve Records!

Duchesne, André: Duchesne meets Bamberg. Edition Villa Concordia, 2006, Cavalli Records Nr. CCD 272. Live recording from the Bamberg Jazzkeller on March 7, 2003.

Duchesne, André: “Café Müller”, composed for the Villa Concordia’s film trailer.

Giussani, Sebastian: Pendium – The Concordia Sessions.  During his year as a Villa Concordia Fellow in the visual arts (2012), Giussani crossed into musical territory and gave a remarkable concert with his Band “Digilogue”. The Album “Pendium” was recorded  at the Villa Concordia in 2012 and released by Artmode Records in 2013.