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Am Di, 18.07.2017
Ab 19:00
Bild zu Vorstellungsabend Janis Rafa. Copyright:

Vorstellungsabend Janis Rafa

Die griechische Kunst-Stipendiatin präsentiert Filmwerke

Mit Einführung durch Janis Rafa und der Möglichkeit zur Diskussion zeigt die aktuelle Kunst-Stipendiatin drei 2014 und 2016 entstandene Filme. Der Eintritt ins Bamberger Lichtspielkino ist am 18. Juli 2017 um 19 Uhr für diese Veranstaltung frei. Begrüßung und Übersetzung: Nora-Eugenie Gomringer.Gravediggers (2014) 38minRequiem to a Shipwreck (2014) 10minRequiem to a Fatal Incident (2016) 5min

Janis Rafa's films and videos balance between an empirical perception of landscapes and events and an authentic representation of them. Her narratives are located at the margins of the urban, haunted by stray dogs, roadkills, fatal accidents and dissipated death. The cryptic and universal nature of these cinematic worlds is initiated by a certain realism that has very little to do with its usual representation. Dead and living, human and non-human coexist in an accord of dream and sensuality. This is the land of her semi-autobiographic narrations; returns to personal histories that reveal something of the subsequent carving of a place's fiction and not necessarily of the place itself.