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On Wed, 05.06.2024
At 19:00
Villa Concordia
Image for Introducing Hans-Christian Oeser. Copyright: Photo © Christian Jungeblodt

Introducing Hans-Christian Oeser

"The fires cannot destroy it, nor can the waters quench it"

HANS-CHRISTIAN OESER will be reading from his translation of Oscar Wilde's "Fairy Tales" (Reclam Verlag). 136 years ago, the Irish writer and dandy Oscar Wilde - born in Dublin in 1854, came to fame in London in 1891, was thrown into Reading prison in 1895, died in exile in Paris in 1900 - published the first of two volumes of fairy tales entitled ‘The Happy Prince and Other Tales’, "written not for children, but for childlike people from eight to eighty". This was followed three years later by the collection "A House of Pomegranates". The nine "prose poems" about friendship, love and suffering, self-conquest and self-sacrifice, which sing the hymn of redemption through the liberating power of love in poetically stylised language, have retained their freshness and vibrancy to this day; they stand in the field of tension between ethics, aesthetics, religion, social criticism and eroticism.

Biography Hans-Christian Oeser: villa-concordia.de/artists

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