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On Sun, 18.04.2021
9 locations in Bamberg

Primož Bizjak: Bamberg

An exhibition in 9 posters (16.04.-06.05.2021)

Primož Bizjak, an art fellow of Villa Concordia 2020/21, will be showing large-format views of Bamberg at 9 bus stops in the city from 16 April to 6 May 2021: map.jpg  / notes on Bamberg project.pdf

1. Memmelsdorfer Str. / Hauptsmoorstr.

2. Memmelsdorfer Str. / Kirschäckerstr.

3. Hallstadter Str. /...

Image for Primož Bizjak: Bamberg. Copyright: map: Primož Bizjak