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On Thu, 23.05.2024
At 09:00
Villa Concordia

Colloquium on the poetry professorship of Daniela Danz

An event organised by the University of Bamberg with the kind support of Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia

During the summer semester 2024, poet, essayist and storyteller Daniela Danz will take over the 37th Poetry Professorship at the University of Bamberg. Her lectures will take place on April 23rd, May 7th, May 14th  and May 22nd at Otto Friedrich University in room U2 / 00.25 at 8 pm.

May 23rd and...

Image for Colloquium on the poetry professorship of Daniela Danz. Copyright: Photo © Annette Mück
On Wed, 05.06.2024
At 19:00
Villa Concordia

Introducing Hans-Christian Oeser

"The fires cannot destroy it, nor can the waters quench it"

HANS-CHRISTIAN OESER will be reading from his translation of Oscar Wilde's "Fairy Tales" (Reclam Verlag). 136 years ago, the Irish writer and dandy Oscar Wilde - born in Dublin in 1854, came to fame in London in 1891, was thrown into Reading prison in 1895, died in exile in Paris in 1900 - published...

Image for Introducing Hans-Christian Oeser. Copyright: Photo © Christian Jungeblodt
On Wed, 26.06.2024
At 19:00
Villa Concordia

Reading with Nina Jäckle


In 2022/23, author NINA JÄCKLE was awarded the Villa Concordia Grant. Her new novel "Verschlungen" was published last year by Alfred Kröner Verlag.

"Identical twin sisters and lives in complete symmetry: in her new novel "Verschlungen", a rondo and intimate play at the same time, Nina Jäckle...

Image for Reading with Nina Jäckle. Copyright: Photo © Nikita Teryoshin
On Tue, 02.07.2024
At 19:00
Villa Concordia

Exhibition Dieter Froelich and Heikki Marila

Works since and around Bamberg

Visual artists DIETER FROELICH and HEIKKI MARILA met as fellows in 2021/22. They are founders of the "Secret-Cheese-Cake-Club", which consists of only two founding members and one honorary member. We are looking forward to the German-Finnish comeback and closer insights into their work, as, during...

Image for Exhibition Dieter Froelich and Heikki Marila. Copyright: Portraits © Maria Svidryk
On Wed, 10.07.2024
At 19:00
Villa Concordia

Reading with Najem Wali

Stadt der Klingen

NAJEM WALI (Villa Concordia-Grant 2018/19) will read from his new book "Stadt der Klingen" (published by Secession Verlag in March 2024).

"Stadt der Klingen" is a novel about the power of fate between two families from Germany and Iraq.

The event will be moderated by literary critic and author Meike...

Image for Reading with Najem Wali. Copyright: Photo © Michael Aust
On Wed, 17.07.2024
At 19:00
Villa Concordia

Introducing Annette Pehnt

Live improvisation connecting sound and text

ANNETTE PEHNT and the improvisation musician, violinist and composer Harald Kimmig will create a live improvisation connecting sound and text, followed by an audience discussion.

Music and language have always been closely linked. Music usually illustrates or sets a text to music, or readings are...

Image for Introducing Annette Pehnt. Copyright: Photo © Peter von Felbert
On Thu, 25.07.2024
At 19:00
Villa Concordia

Introducing Markus Ostermair

Reading and Talk

MARKUS OSTERMAIR reads from his novel "Der Sandler" (published by Osburg Verlag in 2020).

"Der Sandler" tells a story that shouldn't really be told at all. Because it is about the shame of social decline - and this shame makes those affected remain silent. "The Sandler" is therefore a fictional...

Image for Introducing Markus Ostermair. Copyright: Photo © Christian Jungeblodt