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Artist: Bittl, Viola

Viola Bittl - Copyright by Christian Jungeblodt
  • Style: Visual Arts
  • Year: 2024/25
  • Origin: Germany
  • In House

Viola Bittl, born in 1980, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich under Sean Scully and at the Kuvataideakatemia in Helsinki and graduated from the Städelschule in Frankfurt as a master student in 2011. She has received numerous prizes and scholarships, which have enabled her to spend time in New York, Ireland and Croatia. She took part in the group exhibition "Jetzt! Young Painting in Germany" and showed her work at the Neue Galerie in Kassel in 2023, among others.

Her artistic work is always about questioning abstraction for the present.  The historical and artistic conditions under which the abstract arises today is created and can be reformulated. She is interested in modernism and its reduced formal language. The painterly sensualisation of simple forms, the elementary figure-ground relationship and its further development are a central concern of her artistic work. She will live at the Künstlerhaus for 11 months.