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Artist: Kaski, Veera

Veera Kaski - Copyright by Maria Svidryk
  • Style: Literature
  • Year: 2021/22
  • Origin: Finland

Veera Kaski is from Finland and has lived in the western and eastern part of the country as well as in the capital. In her majoring, she studied German translation / interpreting at the University of Turku, as well as literary studies and creative writing. The longest stay in German-speaking countries so far has been an exchange year at the University of Zurich. She also studied Finnish and teaches Finnish as a part-time lecturer at the University and Summer University of Turku, translating literature from German and English: novels, short prose, autobiographies and children’s books. Veera Kaski actively participates in the exchange of translators of the German-Finnish language pair, e.g. in the context of ViceVersa workshops (EÜK Straelen).