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Artist: Wang, Ying

Ying Wang - Copyright by Maria Svidryk
  • Style: music
  • Year: 2023/24
  • Origin: Germany

In her compositions, Ying Wang deals with topics such as environmental pollution, global social grievances, political persecution and our ambivalent relationship with technology. She established herself as a composer who critically reflects and re-thinks chamber and orchestral music. Her musical language is spontaneously giving room to a sensory and bodily experience of her world. It is filled with rhythmic drive, metallic colors and harsh melodic sensitivity. Her first homes in Shanghai and Beijing, as well as her new one in Berlin, form a contrast that is conceptually and musically embedded in her music. Crucial for her work is also cooperation – she is always looking for new links to other media and arts, such as dance, video, digital art, light, visual arts and performance.

She is currently working on her music theater “Lorry 39” for the Theater Freiburg and the SWR Experimentalstudio. The impetus for this work was the tragic death of 39 lives in a freight container – topics such as human smuggling, flight and migration, symptoms of inequality and globalization have been on her mind ever since. Also in the making are “Bin” for aluminum cello, video and electronics and the double concerto “Dark Mirror” for bass clarinet, electric guitar, orchestra, electronics, light and two video panels, 2024.

Ying Wang completed her composition studies with York Höller, Rebecca Saunders and Johannes Schöllhorn and she studied electronic composition with Michael Beil. Since she settled in Europe WANG steadily shaped her artistic language and for that she was awarded with numerous prestigious prices and scholarships. Among the ensembles and orchestras, she worked with, are some of the finest and renown musicians in Europe and Asia.