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On Thu, 23.05.2024
At 09:00
Villa Concordia
Image for Colloquium on the poetry professorship of Daniela Danz. Copyright: Photo © Annette Mück

Colloquium on the poetry professorship of Daniela Danz

An event organised by the University of Bamberg with the kind support of Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia

During the summer semester 2024, poet, essayist and storyteller Daniela Danz will take over the 37th Poetry Professorship at the University of Bamberg. Her lectures will take place on April 23rd, May 7th, May 14th  and May 22nd at Otto Friedrich University in room U2 / 00.25 at 8 pm.

May 23rd and May 24th, a colloquium will take place at the Künstlerhaus, in which Daniela Danz will participate. A panel discussion entitled "Nature in the poem - the nature of the poem" will take place as part of the colloquium.

Interested parties are welcome to attend both the lectures and the colloquium, including the panel discussion. This year's Poetry Professorship is organised by the Chair of Modern German Literature (Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Marx, Sofie Dippold and Jonas Meurer).

Admission is free! Event will be held in German.