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On Tue, 20.09.2022
Bamberg's city center (s.b.)
Image for Artists In View. Copyright: Foto: Nikita Teryoshin © IKVC

Artists In View


The photographer NIKITA TERYOSHIN could be won for large-scale photos of the award winners of the Villa Concordia Fellowship, who currently live in both buildings of the Künstlerhaus!

Portraits of the translator BARBARA FONTAINE can be found on billboards in Bamberg's city center until January, 30th 2023.

Afterwards, the same billboards will feature other artists.


Bus stop Rodelbahn (Bamberger in direction of Buger Straße / Luisenhain / Buger Spitze)

Poster changer at the Gabelmann

Poster holder at Maxplatz

Poster holder bus stop near exit "Bolero" / An der Schranne