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Artist: Chenskiy, Vitaliy

Vitaliy Chenskiy - Copyright by Maria Svidryk
  • Style: Literatur
  • Year: 2023/24
  • Origin: Ukraine
  • In House

Vitaliy Chenskiy (also Vitaliy Chenskiy) is a playwright, screenwriter, novelist. Born in Mariupol in 1975. In 2005 he moved to Kyiv, worked as a journalist, and began writing prose and plays that were published in such journals as “Union of Writers”, “Modern Drama”, “Sociologie et sociétés”, and others. He participated in such international projects as “Ukrainian Festival 2016” (Theater Magdeburg), and “Eine Brücke aus Papier” 2018 ("Paper Bridge").

Performances based on his plays “Vitalik” and “Aeneid XXI'' were winners of the All-Ukrainian Theater Festival GRA Award. Participant of the “Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings” project, which has been running since spring 2022. His work was included in the book “A Dictionary of Emotions in a Time of War”, which was published in January 2023 (Laertes Books, USA). Сo-founder of the Theatre of Playwrights in Kyiv.