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Artist: Pietrucha, Michael

Michael Pietrucha - Copyright by Maria Svidryk
  • Style: Literature
  • Year: 2023/24
  • Origin: Germany
  • In House

Michael Pietrucha, born in Poland in 1983, has lived in Germany since 1989. He went to school in Forchheim and studied Eastern European History, Slavic Studies and Nordic Philology in Erlangen. In 2009, his essay "If only I knew what a bat is" was awarded 1st prize in the MERKUR essay competition and published in the Zeitschrift für europäisches Denken.

Since 2013, Pietrucha has been a member of the authors' group Wortwerk Erlangen, with which the anthology "Zwischen den Regalen, ein Geheimnis" was published in 2014, containing the story "Erinnerung an den Fall von Babel" and the author's four poems "Vergissmeinnicht", "Nach Saladin", "Der Wanderer" and "Dann das Kind".

2016 and 2017: reading and workshop with Lesezeichen e.V. in Jena, since 2017 "Perspektivenwechsel" (word meets image) between Wortwerk Erlangen and Hori&Zonte (photographers) in Nuremberg, Erlangen and Forchheim. 2018: "Wortwerk invites..." Event series with open reading stage at E-Werk Erlangen. Collaboration with Rafik Schami, contribution for the story collection "On Friendship" to the section "Friendship in Different Languages" for Polish.

Michael Pietrucha has been a member of the VdÜ since 2020.