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... with the Bamberg Art and Antiques Fair

The Bamberg Art and Antiques Fair is an internationally acclaimed annual event. The Villa Concordia contributes to the Fair as the presenter of the opening ceremonies. During the Fair antiques and newly created art enter into direct dialogue as participating antique dealers show works by current Fellows alongside the old masters in their showrooms.  Bamberg’s antique shops are located in the town’s historic center and are open to the public free of charge.

Media reports (in German) 

Fränkischer Tag, July 24, 2014: -“Bamberg Is the Center of the Arts’ Scene.”

Fränkischer Tag, July 24, 2013:  “Bamberg Art and Antiques Fair Are a Bamberg Trademark”

... with schools

Our Fellows are happy to visit local schools and offer workshops and discussion groups on modern literature and composition. In the past Georges Lentz, Paul Engel, Benjamin Schweitzer, Steffen Wick and José Maria Sánchez-Verdú, amongst others, participated in our schools program.

Media reports (in German ): 

Nordbayerische Nachrichten, February 19, 2014: “Composing Is Like Building Houses” 

Nürnberger Nachrichten, March 1, 2013:  “ The  Otherworldly Soundscapes of the Australian Bush” 

Nordbayerische Nachrichten, January 27, 2011: “In Conversation with Paul Engel”

... with Ebrach prison

Since 1999 the International House of Artists Villa Concordia has organized readings and artists’ visits in the Ebrach correctional facility.  Günter Grass’ reading was a highlight of the established series and marked the beginning of the Nora-Eugenie Gomringer’s tenure as the Villa Concordia’s Director.  Most recently (2014) Kerstin Specht, Christine Pitzke and Javier Salinas read excerpts from their works in Ebrach.

Media reports (in German): 

Mainpost, February 2, 2014: “When ‘Gangster Songs’ Are Sung in the Slammer” 

Mainpost, Dec 13, 2010: “Günter Grass Reads to a Captive Audience” 

... with the University of Bamberg

The Villa Concordia cooperates regularly with the University of Bamberg. The two institutions organize colloquia together and present exhibitions in the Languages and Linguistics Library. Villa Concordia Fellows also offer lectures and participate in other university projects

Media reports (in German): 

Fränkischer Tag, July 16, 2011: “First Prize Honors”

University of Bamberg, May 16, 2006: “ Literature under Stucco Ceilings”